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Purchase your cards in-store or online.


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Our cards are sold at hundreds of retailers across all of Manitoba. Use our store locater to find an outlet near you.

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We have cards available online to ship to your door. Cards can be purchased as singles or in monthly packs.

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Step 2:

Watch the Show!

Watch Live on CTV

Tune in to CTV Winnipeg Saturday at 5:30pm with Bell ExpressVU, MTS TV, Shaw Cable, Shaw Direct, or even with a TV antenna!

Watch Live on YouTube

Our TV broadcast will be played live on YouTube every Saturday at 5:30pm

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Check your numbers online!

Our latest numbers are posted live during every broadcast.

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Step 3:

Blackout your Card!

Fill Your Card in 50 Numbers or Less!

When you blackout (fill your card completely) in 50 numbers or less, you can win our big Jackpot! (or share of if there are multiple winners)

Check our full rule listing for details

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Blackout in 51 Numbers or More

When you blackout (fill your card completely) in 51 numbers or more, you can win our minimum guarantee! (or share of if there are multiple winners)

As of July 1st 2017, our minimum guarantee is $5,000 with special games occurring occasionally with much bigger prizes!

Call Us if you Win!

Call us at 204-946-6377 (204-WIN-NERS) if you are a winner!