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Cards will not be available in retail stores for games while Manitoba is in a code red lockdown. Please visit our “Ways to Buy a Card” page by clicking here.

We’ve made the decision to only sell our cards online for several reasons:

  • The demand for our cards in 2019 and early 2020 pre-pandemic was already creating massive lineups and motivating large crowds to visit large quantities of retailers to find cards.  We need to keep the public safe by making as many cards available online for safe delivery.
  • Our card supply is limited, and large quantities of secure bingo cards are far more difficult to produce than simple rolls of paper printing lottery tickets. Our cards need to be folded and glued for security reasons as outlined by the LGCA Manitoba, and this process is extremely time consuming for our manufacturers. We have already increased our card supply from 6,000 a week to 90,000 a week in just a year and a half.
  • We have attempted to make electronically delivered bingo cards a reality, but this was ruled to be a method that would not be allowed under current Manitoba Charitable Gaming laws.