$20,000 Estimated Jackpot

$10,000 Guaranteed Prize


Winning numbers for this game will be posted online following the broadcast. Potential winners have until the following Monday by 11:59 AM to call and record their potential winning card(s) on the winners line. If Monday is a statutory holiday, the deadline will be moved to Tuesday by 11:59AM. The online posting will be unofficial, and if there are any mistakes the original broadcast will be the only official source of numbers.

Due to a printer error on our most recent order of Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo game cards, some of the printed information is difficult to read.
Note that this does not in any way affect your ability to play with these cards, and possibly win Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo.
However, under the direction of the LGCA, we have created a two-sided insert that contains all of the required information for our players, so that you may still read the rules and regulations, and also read the directions for how to claim a prize.
These cards and their accompanying inserts will be in circulation until spring of 2024.
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Cards are $5 for a 6 play area card.
Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows each week by $1 per card sold
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Winning Numbers November 4, 2023


CTV Broadcast

Beginning of show

Weekly Announcements:

November 11th cards are now available online!

    • November 18 cards are available online
    • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com 
    • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or the Guaranteed prize! 
    • The guaranteed jackpot for this week’s game is $10,000
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  • The Winnipeg Kinsmen wants to thank our players for playing!

  • You are a big reason we can continue to support Charities across Manitoba

50th Ball Fundraiser Feature

Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc.

Incorporated in 1981 as the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. MKO is a non-profit, political advocacy organization that provides a collective voice on issues of inherent, Treaty, aboriginal and human rights for citizens of the 26 sovereign First Nations we represent.  The MK First Nations are signatory to Treaties 4, 5, 6 and 10.  

The objectives of MKO are to generally maintain, strengthen, enhance, lobby for and defend the interests and rights of First Nation peoples within its jurisdiction and to promote, develop and secure a standard and quality of life deemed desirable and acceptable by its member First Nations. 

MKO is fundraising to support their Annual Santa Express, where Santa Claus delivers 20,000 Christmas treats to First Nations children and visits MKO northern First Nations.  

Children will have a chance to visit and get a picture taken with Santa while receiving a Christmas bag of goodies.  

This wonderful initiative can help brighten Christmas for children that live in remote northern communities. 


Checking Ball Announcement

Harvest Manitoba’s Meals2go

Harvest Meals2Go is a weekend breakfast program that is currently being facilitated in 6 Winnipeg schools, with new rural sites set to begin in 2023-2024.

The program provides students with a nutritious kit of food to take home for Saturday and Sunday – the two days they do not have access to school meal programs. Each kit contains nutritious items such as: cereals, yogurt, milk, and fresh fruit. A handmade note of affirmation is also included, to ensure they know how special they are!

In filling this weekend gap, and ensuring students have access to food, the result is that students are then more likely to attend classes, and feel better mentally, emotionally, and physically.

The Harvest Meals2Go program is expanding into rural and northern communities. It is critical that Manitoba students have access to food seven days a week.

Student Quotes & Testimonials
Q: What is Meals2Go to you?

“If you don’t have breakfast on the weekend, you get Meals2Go just in case.”

    • “Meals2Go fills our tummy with breakfast!”

    • “M2Go is when you eat and take it home. I love it so much, it’s good because you can be hungry when you’re going home and that’s why I need it.”

      Q: What does it feel like when you don’t have food in your tummy?

      “It feels like I am sick.”

    • “I feel mad and dizzy.”

    • “Sometimes I get cranky and it’s hard to sit still and it’s hard to focus on my work.”

    • “I feel sick and weak, I can’t talk or walk I just cry all the time.”

End of show

Additional Talking Points

Order November 11th cards online!

  • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com
  • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or $10,000 Guaranteed prize!
  • You can get the winning numbers after the game at Kinsmenjackpotbingo.com or call the winners line at 204-946-6377