$40,000 Estimated Jackpot


$10,000 Guaranteed Prize


Winning numbers for this game will be posted online following the broadcast. You have until Monday 11:59 a.m. to check your numbers and call in your potential winning card. The online posting will be unofficial, and if there are any mistakes the original broadcast will be the only official source of numbers.

Cards are $5 for a 6 play area card.
Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows each week by $1 per card sold
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Game Notices for CTV Broadcast

Winning Numbers – November 19, 2022

Beginning of show

Weekly Announcements:

December 17th cards are now online!

    • December 17th cards are now online!
    • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com 
    • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or the Guaranteed prize!
    • The guaranteed jackpot for this week game is $10,000.
Winnipeg Kinsmen Graphic
  • The Winnipeg Kinsmen want to thank our players for playing!

  • You are a big reason we can continue to support Charities across Manitoba

50th Ball Charity Feature

Featured Charity – Save a Dog Network

  • There are thousands of homeless dogs who roam Northern Manitoba causing serious issues within the community. Unfortunately, there is a lack of vet care, education and proper resources that these animals desperately need.

  • SADN rescues approximately 30-60 dogs per month, who are sick, injured or homeless.
  • SADN Programs: humane stray removal and rehoming, education, remote spay/neuter and vaccine clinics, dog food distribution and emergency/evacuation support
  • For the safety of the community and well-being of these animals SADN provides a non-judgmental, proactive approach to promote the human-animal bond.

  • The organization needs transporters, monthly sponsors, volunteers and temp fosters, in the Winnipeg area. Find them on Instagram and Facebook “Save A Dog Network Canada”

  • How to donate: Etransfers/PayPal donations to saveadognetwork@gmail.com
  • Remember, all month long, 10% of your online order will be donated to the featured charity of your choice!

Checking Ball Announcement

$20,000 Donation to Support Adult and Teen Challenge of Central Canada

  • Adult & Teen Challenge is a leading substance use disorder program operating across the world
  • Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada operates programming across Manitoba and Northwest Ontario
  • The organization provides evidence-based treatment combined with a faith-based foundation, offering holistic services to those battling addictions, such as behavioral therapy and help dealing with withdrawal symptoms in a supported environment
  • Winnipeg Kinsmen supports the Foundation’s mission to provide communities, families and individuals freedom from the impact of life-controlling addictions
  • The organization offers comprehensive services that cover every stage of the recovery journey. From community outreach to aftercare, and everything in-between, our programming model is designed to put hope within reach of every person struggling with addiction

End of show

Additional Talking Points

Last Chance to order November 26th cards!

  • It’s your last chance to order November 26th cards online!
  • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com
  • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or $10,000 Guaranteed prize!