$85,000 Estimated Jackpot


$10,000 Guaranteed Prize


Winning numbers for this game will be posted online following the broadcast. You have until Monday 11:59 a.m. to check your numbers and call in your potential winning card. The online posting will be unofficial, and if there are any mistakes the original broadcast will be the only official source of numbers.

Cards are $5 for a 6 play area card.
Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows each week by $1 per card sold
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Winning Numbers – December 31, 2022


Game Notices for CTV Broadcast


Beginning of show

Weekly Announcements:

January 28th cards are now online!

    • Jan.7, Jan.14 and Jan.21 games are cancelled 
    • January 28th cards are online!
    • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com 
    • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or the Guaranteed prize!
    • The guaranteed jackpot for this week game is $10,000
Winnipeg Kinsmen Graphic
  • The Winnipeg Kinsmen want to thank our players for playing!

  • You are a big reason we can continue to support Charities across Manitoba

50th Ball Charity Feature

Featured Charity – Knowles Centre

  • Knowles Centre has been a part of Winnipeg for over 115 years as a not‐for‐profit community agency, every year, their team provides therapy services and skill‐based programs for almost 300 at‐risk young people and their families.

  • Their programs include 24/7 group care treatment in Healing Homes, treatment foster care, independent living, sexual abuse treatment, and outreach counselling programs for children and teens.

  • Many of the youth in their program have histories of trauma from abuse, neglect, or violence in the home and many come from families that have been challenged by generations of addictions, racism or extreme poverty.
  • Donations make it possible for Knowles Centre to better maintain their facilities, buy vans to transport youth, and other projects like replacing outdated bedroom furniture and provided recreational activities to allow kids to be kids
  • To donate to Knowles Centre, head to www.knowlescentre.org and click donate at the top of the page

  • All donations support the important work Knowles Centre does with at-risk youth in Manitoba who need this support the most.

  • Remember, all month long, 10% of your online order will be donated to the featured charity of your choice!

Checking Ball Announcement

$10,000 Donation to Support The Ukrainian Cultural and Education Centre Oseredok

  • Oseredok is an internationally-recognized repository, museum, archive, library, art gallery, educational and research centre dedicated to the preservation, sharing, promotion, and development of Ukrainian-Canadian and Ukrainian culture and heritage.

  • Oseredok runs a public program of exhibitions, workshops and courses, public lectures, presentations, and special events that are offered and open to all groups in the province.

  • This donation will support a renovation project which will allow Oseredok to expand the number of students they can currently accommodate from 36 people to approximately 200 people per 10 week session. 
  • Winnipeg Kinsmen supports the organization’s mandate to share Canadian Ukrainian cultural experiences by being a champion of, and forum for, Ukrainian heritage in Canada.

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Additional Talking Points

Order January 28th cards online!

  • There will be no game Jan.7, Jan.14 and Jan.21
  • After 7pm tonight, head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com
  • Don’t miss your chance at the Jackpot or $10,000 Guaranteed prize!