Credit Card/Payment Help

Why is there a pre-authorization/extra charge on my credit card?

Sometimes, when orders don’t go through for any reason, a pre-authorized charge may appear on your credit card. This pre-authorized charge acts as a retaining fee to secure your cards before the purchase has been completed. If it so happens the purchase could not be completed, this charge is dropped and will disappear within a few business days. 

How do I get a refund?

We give refunds/credits for sealed and un-played cards with some exceptions —  we must receive the cards to ensure they have not been opened and/or played. We will issue a refund or credit based on the method of payment you used to buy your cards. 

We cannot offer refunds for cards that haven’t yet arrived before the game has been played. Please have patience with the delivery of your cards, as they are making their way through the postal system and should arrive soon. 

If your cards arrive after the game: cross out your address, write “return to sender” on the envelope, and send them back to us for your refund. 

If you never received your cards, there is a chance they were deemed undeliverable by Canada Post and will be returned to us. In this case, we will automatically issue you a refund or credit. This process can take up to five weeks from your order date. Please have patience with the delivery process. 

Please use our help desk form here to request your refund. 

How long does it take to get my refund?

Refunds must be process through our end and the bank before they show up on your statement. This usually takes a few business days. 

Gift Card/Coupon Help

How do I buy a gift card/store credit?
  1. Go to the shop and click the gift card option.
  2. Enter the dollar amount you wish to purchase. 
  3. Add the gift card to your cart (note: this must be the only item in your cart to pay with e-Transfer) 
  4. Complete your order using the Interac e-Transfer payment option.

You will receive an email with instructions for how to send us the e-Transfer. We must process these orders manually, and it may take up to one business day. You will receive an email with your coupon code once this is complete. 

To use your coupon: copy and paste your code into the coupon field at checkout. You will not find a clickable coupon for you at checkout. 

I haven’t received an email with my coupon code yet. What do I do?

All gift cards purchased using e-Transfer must be manually approved. You will receive your code immediately once someone manually approves your order. Please check your junk folder if you don’t get your email within one business day.

This code will not be a clickable item at checkout. Instead, copy and paste the code from your email into the coupon field at checkout to ensure there’s no mistaken characters in your code. 

Can I reload a gift card?

We cannot reload coupon codes or gift cards, so you must buy a new gift card with the amount you wish. You can use remaining balance from an existing card (or from multiple cards) to make a purchase, even if it doesn’t cover the full amount. 

Checkout Help

Why is it telling me my billing address doesn’t match at checkout?

The billing address you input at checkout must be the exact address that shows up on your credit cards statement. This is in place as a precautionary measure to prevent fraud. Our system automatically declines transactions without a valid address match and classifies it as high risk. 

Why does it say my email doesn’t match at checkout?

Your email must be exactly the same in both fields: any spaces after the email or capital letters must all be the same. Sometimes smart phones try to add these things automatically, so be sure to check for them. 

Why does my card decline during checkout?

It’s possible our system is declining your order because your billing address does not match the address that appears on your credit card statement. Our system automatically declines these purchase attempts due to fraud checks. Your billing address must exactly match that on your credit card statement. 

If your information is all entered correctly, you may have to try your purchase again (and again and again, in some cases). You can also visit your account page to find and retry any pending checkouts you may have. 

Why can I not complete my order?

During the check out process there is an option for you to select a local non-profit organization to support. 

On the right hand side of the page under “Ship to a different address” there is a drop down, please make sure you are selecting one of the choices prior to completing your order. 

Why is it when I went to purchase cards in my cart, it said they weren’t available?

When items are added to your cart, you’ve got to be quick to buy them, as they aren’t guaranteed to stay there during peak purchasing times. 

During peak times on our site, there are up to 30 orders being processed every minute. Items can become sold out before you finish checking out. 

We unfortunately can’t create guarantees for items in your cart without presenting new problems, like cart timers, cookies, and server processing. Our stock is limited, so we must keep a tight hold on inventory and availability. Check back to see if the product will be restocking again. 

Email Help

I signed up for email alerts. Why didn’t I receive an email?

We have an overwhelming number of people signing up for our email alerts. These emails get sent out in the order which people signed up, and the server can only send out as many emails as cards get stocked. This could be why you get an email for a later stock, or not receive one at all.

Some receiving email servers can also block our emails if they suspect spam. This can delay the email from arriving to your inbox or prevent it from being delivered entirely. 

Bingo Cards Help

Where are my cards?

We ship all orders within one business day of receiving them. Once we ship cards out, they’re in the hands of Canada Post.

Cards should arrive within two weeks of your order date. Sometimes postal codes may not match up, in which case Canada Post must file them differently. Some envelopes may have to be manually sorted due to scanning issues. In these cases, orders will take longer to arrive.

We prioritize shipping cards for earlier games, but they may get jumbled in the delivery process, and you may receive a later order before an earlier one, If this happens, the earlier order is right behind it.

All cards are packed separately before shipping. This means each pack you order will show up in its own envelope. For example, if you order three 4-packs for a game, you will receive three envelopes of four cards each.

Depending on the timing of your orders, they could also be labelled by different people. This can affect when they leave our office, and therefore when they are delivered.  

What do I do if I don’t get my cards on time for the game?

If your cards don’t arrive on time for the game, you can return the unopened and un-played cards to us for a refund. Simply cross out your address, write “Return to Sender” on the envelope, and throw them back in the mail to be returned to our office. When we receive your cards back, we will notify you and issue your refund.

Where can I buy cards?

Retail stores now order their cards from our wholesale web store. You can see a list of retailers that have ordered cards recently by clicking the “Find a Store” button on our home page or by clicking here

You can buy cards online at home, over the phone, or using our mail-order form. (please note we reserve the mail-in option specifically for those players who cannot navigate our site or pay by credit card. We reserve the right to not honour your form if we find you’ve previously ordered online and are able to do so).

You can find a list of all ways to buy here.

When do restocks happen?

Our “stock schedule” varies depending on the size of the current jackpot and the demand for cards.

When the jackpot is smaller, we stock cards sporadically throughout the week. This allows people multiple opportunities to buy their cards, without running the risk of the site crashing from a high volume of people trying to buy only a few cards.

When the jackpot is bigger, we will only stock on weekends, and all cards for that game will go up at once. This is easier on our website, and gives people a better chance of securing cards. With a larger number of cards up during high-volume periods on our site, there is a better chance of cards still being in stock by the time people are given the opportunity to buy them, regardless of a slow site or wait time. 

Why are the cards printed in the USA?

We have looked at smaller, local options to produce our cards, but we’re printing such a high volume of cards that would be virtually impossible for a local printer to do without disrupting the clients they already have.

Our current printer, Pollard Banknote, is based in Winnipeg and owned by a Winnipegger, although the location we receive from is in America. Our printer has also been a long-time partner with lotteries and meets the specifications of the LGCA

Do you offer a subscription option?

Because we aren’t certified to hold people’s credit card information (which would allow us to charge people for items on a weekly/monthly basis), we can’t offer a subscription service at this time. 

Do you print duplicate cards? How many?

Short answer: yes, and we don’t know.

Long answer:

There’s no way for us to know how many duplicate cards are sold, since we receive them and sell them glued shut. We do, however, have a certain number of cards from our manufacturer that get repeated. This decreases the chance of a winning card not being produced or sold.

Our manufacturer currently produces 27,000 unique card permutations. This is up from 18,000 in December 2020, and 9000 in June 2020.

The exact number of duplicate cards in circulation for any game is also affected by how many cards we sell: less cards sold means there’s likely less duplicates being played. However, the number of duplicates is also affected by how many cards we don’t sell: any unsold or returned cards get reprinted for the next game. We have no way to know if these will create more duplicate cards, unique cards, or a combination.

Do you know who buys which cards? Are they registered to each person?

We package all our cards in bulk before stocking them online and sending them to players. This means we have no idea which specific cards end up in which envelopes before labelling them and shipping them off. 

Why did shipping costs go up?

Canada Post recently reevaluated our envelope sizes and weights, causing an increase in our shipping costs by $0.25 per pack.

2-packs and 4-packs went from $1.00 to $1.25.

8-packs went from $1.50 to $1.75.


Game Play Help

Do I have to be playing live on Saturday to win the jackpot?

Nope! You still have until the deadline (Monday at 11:59 a.m., or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) to report a winning card, even for the jackpot.

Why can I not play my cards after noon on the Monday following the game?

The Monday 11:59 a.m. deadline is an agreement we made with the LGCA. Extending the deadline to play and report a winning card past the end time of the live show allows everyone a fair chance at playing in the event something goes wrong, like a power outage or a scheduling conflict.

Can I have a shout out on the show?

At the start of 2021, we stopped doing our on-air shout outs. There was no single reason for this, but a multitude of smaller reasons which grew over time.

In its place, we now have a Community Hero feature, showcasing individuals or organizations in our community who are going above and beyond to make a difference.

If you’d like to nominate someone in your community, use our form here. 

I submitted a winning card over the weekend. Will I be getting a confirmation email?

Due to the volume of emails, we receive, you will only be notified if your card is a winner.