Damaged Card Lookup

Some of our bingo cards from February 1st 2020 onward seem to be experiencing manufacturing defects with glue that is stronger than normal. We apologize for the issues that are ensuing as a result of this glue. Our card manufacturer had been working overtime in the evenings in January to produce cards for us, but this resulted in the glue application machines having residue from stronger glue being used in the daytime. We are working with the manufacturer to ensure that this problem is resolved for our cards starting with March 28th 2020. 

In the meanwhile, the most common problem being experienced would be the top two play areas experiencing ripped numbers in the top spots in the N column. This page is provided to lookup your card and find out what that number should be if your card ripped when opening.  Just type in the 4-digit FREE SPACE number in the middle square of the affected play area in the “Search” field below. The table will show both top play areas with the top two N numbers on each play area.

The data in this page cannot be guaranteed to be free of errors. As such, no data provided in this page would be official in any way. The official numbers can only be found on the original card itself, or in the Card Series book provided by the manufacturer and made available to the LGCA.