Game Rules


 Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Rules

  1. Bingo must be a black out.
  2. Blackout in 50 numbers or less wins the Jackpot or share of. On March 14th only, there will be a $150,000 or share of bonus added to the Jackpot. If the Jackpot is not awarded on March 14th, the bonus will be removed. 
  3. Blackout in 51 numbers or more wins $5000.00 or share of. On March 14th only, the prize for a blackout in 51 numbers or more will be increased to $150,000 or share of.
  4. The game will be stop when the first potential winner(s) have called in, and their card(s) have been verified, OR if all the balls have been called. The game will then be closed. Cards will be verified by telephone operators for 15 minutes after the completion of the telecast.
  5. Potential winners have until the following Monday by 11:59 AM (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) to call and record their potential winning card(s) on the winners line.
  6. Potential winners that black out in the least amount of balls will be deemed the official winner(s). Other potential winners that blacked out in more balls will not be notified.
  7. The potential winning cards must be completely filled out and legible. The full sheet must be sent in by registered mail or dropped off in person to our office.
  8. In the event of a media interruption or media bingo is cancelled, cards may be returned and exchanged at the office for a future game.
April 4th digital downloads available Wednesday evening 6pm