$200,000+ Estimated Jackpot

$5,000 Guaranteed Prize

Winning numbers for this game will be posted online following the broadcast. You have until Monday 11:59 a.m. to check your numbers and call in your potential winning card. The online posting will be unofficial, and if there are any mistakes the original broadcast will be the only official source of numbers.

Cards $5 for a 6 play area card.
Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows each week by $1 per card sold
Previous game broadcasts are viewable here.
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Game Notices for CTV Broadcast

Beginning of show

$1 per card to Assiniboine Park Conservancy

  • APC is responsible for the operation of Winnipeg’s historic Assiniboine Park, including the Zoo.
  • This donation will help support the dedicated animal care team to:
  • Prepare individualized veterinary plans;
  • Help them build targeted enrichment strategies; 
  • Create specialized diets for all of the wonderful animals who call the Zoo home

50th Ball Community Hero

Community Hero

Community Hero – July 24 – Tazz Norris

  • Tazz Norris AKA Big Daddy Tazz is Winnipeg’s biggest comedian with a bigger heart
  • During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Tazz started reading to kids live over Facebook 
  • He reads to children of all ages, including Justin, who nominated Tazz 
  • Justin is 19 and has Autism, and he has not missed a single reading since March!
  • Justin and Tazz became good friends over the last year because of these readings 
  • Justin’s family even started playing Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo with Tazz and his family over FaceTime!
  • Tazz and his wife Christie have put so much of their own time and money into this project, buying books and then donating them
  • He has read over 900 books and has no plans to slow down!
  • If you know someone like Tazz, nominate them at: www.kinsmenjackpotbingo.com

Checking Ball Announcement

Toba Centre Golf FUNdraiser sponsorship

  • Winnipeg Kinsmen is proud to be a sponsor of the Toba Centre’s 2021 Golf FUNdraiser
  • Toba Centre for Children & Youth is Manitoba’s only child advocacy centre
  • They focus on the needs of children and youth who have experienced abuse
  • The fundraiser will help develop new, important initiatives and help fund their existing programming

End of show


Additional Talking Points

Bingo cards back in stores

  • We will be selling bingo cards in stores soon
  • Stay tuned for a complete list of participating stores to find a retailer near you
  • Cards are still available online for purchase