$154,000 Estimated Jackpot

$10,000 Guaranteed Prize


Winning numbers for this game will be posted online following the broadcast. Potential winners have until the following Monday by 11:59 AM to call and record their potential winning card(s) on the winners line. If Monday is a statutory holiday, the deadline will be moved to Tuesday by 11:59AM. The online posting will be unofficial, and if there are any mistakes the original broadcast will be the only official source of numbers.


Due to a printer error on our most recent order of Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo game cards, some of the printed information is difficult to read.
Note that this does not in any way affect your ability to play with these cards, and possibly win Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo.
However, under the direction of the LGCA, we have created a two-sided insert that contains all of the required information for our players, so that you may still read the rules and regulations, and also read the directions for how to claim a prize.
These cards and their accompanying inserts will be in circulation until spring of 2024.
Alternatively, you may review this info on our website.
Should you have any questions about these cards, please DO NOT CONTACT THE RETAILER.
Call or email our office at:
or DM us on Facebook.
We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Cards are $5 for a 6 play area card.
Jackpot starts at $10,000 and grows each week by $1 per card sold
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Winning Numbers Dec 23, 2023 Note: An Online Winner was verified on Ball#53 N39 This was due to telephone issues.


CTV Broadcast

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February 24th cards are now available online!

    • February 24th cards are available online
    • Head over to KinsmenJackpotBingo.com 
    • Don’t miss your chance to win the Jackpot or the Guaranteed prize! 
    • The guaranteed jackpot for this week’s game is $10,000
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  • The Winnipeg Kinsmen wants to thank our players for playing!

  • You are a big reason we can continue to support Charities across Manitoba

50th Ball Fundraiser Feature


• 1JustCity is a non-profit charitable organization that promotes social justice and addresses issues such as homelessness and food insecurity. We provide acceptance, hope, and community to those who are often excluded from participating fully in their community. Isolation is now seen as a significant determinant of health, and many of our guests are battling loneliness and isolation. During our meal services, we see connections being made and friendships being built that extend outside of our space.

• Food insecurity is the underlying factor for the people we welcome into our space. We currently provide a meal at each of our sites on weekdays, either breakfast, lunch or dinner. We also include a supper and breakfast meal for our shelter guests (30 people) from November 1-December 31st. We expect to serve close to 84,000 meals in 2023. If the trends continue upwards, we will exceed that in 2024.

• 1JustCity works towards truth and reconciliation by providing culturally competent care, opportunities for healing and cultural re-connection. Our Indigenous Cultural Program is committed to truth telling and honouring the heritage, culture and contributions of Indigenous people while creating an empowered, safe space for sharing. Guests are able to participate in events, ceremonies, and cultural activities including smudging, sweats, drumming, beading, sharing circles and celebrations.

• 1JustCity fosters personal growth and expansion but also grows community. An EIA worker who was visiting recently said ”I can see why my client likes it here. He says it is a great place to share a meal and sit back and listen to some music” . Activities such as bingo, a hot lunch, a warm welcome at the door, or karaoke helps people feel included in their community, participating in events and regular activities that add agency in their lives. Cooking classes, art classes, movie nights, yoga, all add meaning to a person’s life. They help individuals build confidence and re-shape their sense of self.

• 1JustCity’s Housing and Eviction Program began in late 2022 in response to the need for assistance with finding housing and avoiding eviction. The program assists individuals in eviction prevention and securing sustainable housing. For many this means assistance getting bank accounts, ID, and applying for EI or Disability Benefits so they will be able to get into housing. 1JustCity’s priority is to stabilize housing and to problem solve before people experience homelessness. It is much more difficult to find housing for someone who is unhoused than to work towards solutions that will keep them housed. This may include helping them with arrears in rent, dealing with infestations, hoarding, cleaning, organizing, etc. The number of people who are experiencing unstable housing is growing in our city, and it is a priority for us to make sure people have a safe place to sleep.

• Just a Warm Sleep, known as JaWS, is the overnight warming center offered by 1JustCity. Just a Warm Sleep (JAWS), welcomes up 30 people experiencing homelessness to join us for “just a warm sleep” every night from November to April. We provide bagged meals, safety, warmth and the comfort of a place to rest and an escape from the frigid nights of the winter.

• No one should go hungry and all should have access to a safe, stable place to live.

• 1JustCity invites you to share social justice work creating a community based on love, respect and dignity. Help 1JustCity create a welcoming inclusive community where people share meals and build friendship in an environment that uplifts marginalized individuals and families. Help them love the under-loved and provide nourishing meals to the underserved.

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Kin Canada Bursaries

    • Kin Canada bursary applications are now being accepted for the 2024-25 academic year.


    • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
    • Must be a full-time student in the process of graduating from high school or currently studying or registered at a post-secondary institution.
    • Must complete the current application form by February 1, 2024. Bursary winners are notified before June 30, 2024 by their sponsoring club.
    • Must not have previously been awarded a Kin Canada Bursary.
    • Will be evaluated on their community and school involvement, knowledge of Kin Canada and financial need.


    • Use this year’s application form
    • Read and follow all instructions carefully
    • Answer all questions
    • Remember, scoring is based on both effort and content
    • Ask for input from friends, parents, teachers, etc.
    • Learn about Kin Canada from our website
    • Research what the local or nearest Kinsmen, Kinette or Kin Club has done in your community
    • Submit your application by February 1, 2024 and only submit once


    • The bursary application deadline is February 1 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time.

    • The selection process is as follows:

      • Each club reviews all submitted application forms and selects one to be endorsed and forwarded to the Board of Trustees for review on or before March 1, 2024.

      • The Board selects a number of applicants to receive a bursary of $1,000 each, based on that year’s contributions to the Hal Rogers Endowment Fund. The successful recipients and their sponsoring clubs are notified by June 30, 2024.

Click to apply in French or English.

Apply – Kin Canada

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